Sunday, May 31, 2009

Murder for Jesus

It is nice of the Christians to wait until I have posted about how evil their religion is before doing something to prove me right. Whoever the terrorist is who murdered Dr. Tiller will undoubtedly be a Christian and he will say he was doing it for the "babies" and you know what? A lot of Christians are going to think he is a hero. Even the ones who don't will, because it is what their religion requires, accept that he has repented and Jeebus will welcome him in to heaven. This is exactly what I was talking about. Well not exactly, according to this report Tiller was also a Christian so he is just as likely to be in heaven according to Christian myth as his killer is. Although I bet we will here many Christians claiming Dr. Tiller is going to hell. However the murdering dirt ball, who killed him will get to be a hero, then pray to Jeebus and get a clean conscience out of it. While Dr, Tillers family grieves. I am sure they are in no mood to forgive this piece of shit.

I just recently read a reply from some Christian hag who said. "Maybe Christianity was used to justify bad things a long time ago but just name someone in the last hundred years that has used Christianity to justify killing people." After I decided laughing at her stupidity was a better response than punching my monitor, I opened up a tab to Google. I then got a list of abortion clinic murders and posted it with the message "How about these for starters." I didn't get a response back which is unfortunate because next I was going to start posting Irish terrorists from both sides.

I never knew Dr. Tiller. Despite being pro choice I can't say that I have to many positive feelings about his profession, I have no idea what sort of man he was, but today I mourn him. I extend heartfelt sympathy to his family and regret the loss of yet another victim of religious fanaticism. Rest in peace Dr. Tiller.

I also have hopes for his killer. May he resist arrest and be painfully killed before he has a chance to spew his insane and idiotic martyr speech in a courtroom.

Proof that religion is evil normally makes me happy but not when someone dies because of it, which sadly is all too common.


Anonymous said...

What Tiller did was wrong. But the person who killed Tiller was also wrong. Christians are not the ones to condemn, it is only God. Unfortunately too many act in villianous ways in the name of God. This also enables viewpoints such as yours to prevail. You also judge, but is your judgement any more than that of your own self. You may wish to kill Christianity and through your actions succeed in taking as many Christian lives as possible, if not physically, spiritually. Didn't that also occur in Eden when a serpent spoke to Even and suggested she would not die, no not physically. You help, and we thank you, in telling the truth.

Ryk said...


You are welcome Tom, I always speak the truth. I can not condemn your God because it is fiction I can condemn the religion and that is what I do. I don't condemn all individual Christians, some are good people who are simply blinded by superstition and dogma. Others like the man who shot Dr. Tiller, and all of the other clinic bombers and murderers are just fanatical terrorists.

I can also not assist "the serpent" because again it is not real. However I do make a point of leading people away from their superstitious and often dangerous beliefs. You are correct that I wish to see not only Christianity but all religion gone from the world. However I would never support doing so coercively, in fact eye vote with an eye towards respecting religious freedom, and if it were threatened I would actively work to protect it. What I want is to see the world stand up and say"we don't need this, we aren't children ar tribal primitives we don't need the crutch of religion any longer." that is the world I want to achieve, if not for me for my children.

Jen Phillips said...

Dr. Tiller was one of two docs in the US who publicly and openly provided late term abortions *for reasons of medical necessity*. I won't spew links at you, but even the most rudimentary Google-fu will reveal readily available and reliable sources describing his clinic as a place that was set up to receive frightened and often grieving women--most of whom actually *wanted* to be pregnant, but for some physiological reason or another couldn't or shouldn't continue the pregnancy. He and his staff paid great attention to the emotional and psychological well-being of the women, as well as to their physical conditions. This included counseling and services for the terminated fetuses, if the mother desired. What a contrast with what that the 'pro-life' (or, as I like to call them 'pro-forced maternity') assholes would have you believe: They have always presented Dr. Tiller as a craven, blood-splattered butcher who spent his days ripping innocent children from their mothers' wombs because he enjoyed it. Or something. His clinic has been repeatedly vandalized, bombed, and he was shot in both arms several years ago. Still, where so many other doctors have stopped offering these services because the financial and personal costs are so high, Dr. Tiller continued. He was a friend to women in need, and a man of great dignity and conviction.

I would encourage you to learn more about him and give yourself the opportunity to develop some 'positive feelings about his profession'. He will be greatly missed.

Ryk said...

Thanks Jen
Most of what I know of Dr. Tiller was from conservative sources. Considering how much they hate him it is no surprise that someone finally murdered him. I was aware that many Doctors have given up performing later abortions, even when they are needed for just this reason. They are afraid that if they save some womans life or healt they will be rewarded with 45 callibers worth of the love of Jesus.

Jen Phillips said...

Indeed. I have to admit that such an imminent threat would probably make me think twice about continuing my work. I'm not sure what my ultimate decision would be, but I'd have to make sure my family was on board with my decision to put myself--and probably everyone else in the family, to a lesser extent--at risk. He was someone I have really admired for many years precisely because he persevered through such adversity and animosity.

Ryk said...

I hope that if some good comes out of this it will be that these ironicaly named "pro-life" groups will be seen as terrorists and thugs who harrass women instead of judging them by the righteous front they put up.

Kerri Love said...

Now, now, Ryk... did you really need to call her a "hag" LOL

My answer to that question was GW Bush.

I feel very sorry for the Doctor's family, that must be terrible to go through. No one should have to die like that :(