Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Cartoon Just for Ray Comfort.


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PersonalFailure said...

I imagine that if we asked those gorillas who know sign language, their first comment on Ray's proof of god would have been, "have you seen a banana in the wild? yeah, not the easiest thing to eat."

Ryk said...

@PF Yeah. Wild bananaa aren't all that well designed. It is great that the thing Ray gives as evidence of creation really was created, by people. Of course Ray gives God credit for that too.

Arguendo said...


I see that you are dropping off of Ray's blog. I did too. I'm just so bored with arguing against the theists on there. They are so guarded and Ray doesn't bother even answering any questions.

Do you look at any other Atheist or Theist sites? I think I'm going to list all of the places I look on my blog. It might be nice to see which ones you frequent.

Anonymous said...

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