Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hey Mr. Wanna buy my cookies?

I love the Girl scouts. For one I love Tagalongs, possibly the most wicked confection ever sold door to door. Second I love actual Girl Scouts. My daughter is a Brownie and my wife is a leader. Apparently I also love the organization. I just read this rant against the Girl Scouts by World Nut Daily and found myself saying "wow that's great" a lot. Of course the fundytards disagree, they think it is bad that the GSA is being welcoming and diverse. They can't stand the fact that it is trying to encourage and empower girls. I am sure they are really ticked off that nowhere in the scout manual does it talk about how girls need to be obedient and submissive.

They are also apparently upset that the scouts quote some prominent lesbians as role models. Silly me I had no idea that thinking Billy Jean King is a great athalete automatically turns girls gay.

Anyway unlike their brown shirted male counterparts, the girl scouts welcome atheists, and teach their kids real values instead of religious indoctrination so lets have a big "Go Scouts" for them. Also support your local girl by buying lots of cookies when cookie season comes back around.


Leigh said...

Oh goodness Girl Scout cookies are wicked! I buy them and then can't stop eating them. Plus, if you freeze the peanut butter ones they are great on a hot summer day, or as a topping for ice cream!
I can't wait till my daughter is old enough to be a Brownie or a Girl Scout, it's an organization I would be fine with her joining.

Ryk said...

I see that PZ has posted about this as well on pharyngula. Great minds think alike. I put mine up first though.

SE said...

Okay, that settles it! I'm buying me some Girl Scout cookies this year (when is cookie season?).

World Nut Daily! Wish I'd of thought to call them that!

Ryk said...

Cookie season just passed it is Feb through March. Candy comes in October I think. The GSA has a cookie finder on their website that helps you find your nearest cookie booth.