Friday, May 8, 2009

God zero Ryk one, presenting Ryks Ontological argument for the Non existence of God. As I call it the great RONG.

God is by definition perfect. To be perfect one must be that which nothing greater can be imagined, all existent entities fall short. This is due to a principal I call "plus a cookie" Even if I define myself as having every possible perfection, someone can honestly say they imagine someone with every possible perfection plus a cookie(or any other virtue, I like cookie) If I then say well I have every possible virtue plus two cookies, they can respond in kind until we reach some arbitrary limit when we get tired of adding cookies or die of old age. The only way to be perfect is to have infinite cookies(and every other virtue) however an existent being can not have infinite virtues.

It is impossible for many reasons for an existent being to have an infinite value of anything. Only in the purity of imagination is infinite perfection possible. Therefore only God who does not exist can be so perfect that nothing more perfect can be imagined.

For math geeks I will call real identities R and God P(for perfect) I will call virtue V. Now assign R a value of 1. Now if I add a virtue to R that will give R a value of R+1 or two. Someone can easily imagine a being with a value of three, four, or more. So R can not be perfect unless an infinite number of virtues are added. However infinity+1 is not a valid concept. The only value to which infinity can be added is zero.

Therefore R+V is only valid if V is a finite number. If V is finite then R is not perfect. However God being non existent has a value of 0 and therefore G+V can be accurate when V is an infinite value. Therefore only a non existent entity such as God is capable of perfection.

It is the perfection of non existence which allows God to be perfect. Existence is imperfect therefore for God to exist it could only be imperfect, If it is imperfect it can not be God. Therefore there is no possible way for God to exist.

Again for Math geeks I am calling this the formula, E(existence), P(properties), I(identity), G(God)

I=P+E if I< or = infinity.
If P= infinity E=0
I=G if P=infinity


Jennifer said...

Very interesting and novel argument.

The believer would probably respond that our imaginations are too limited to truly comprehend the perfection of god, where 'perfection' is defined as flawless, all-encompassing omnipotence. I would argue that the 'evidence'--both in nature and in the horrific stories told of the exalted Abrahamic god--would suggest that he/she is far from perfect by anyone's definition. The apologists, however, relying on their own imaginations to delineate what god is or isn't, can fluidly redefine god while dodging through the thorny territory of this epicurean dilemma. Shifty bastards.

Ryk said...

I am hoping any Christians who read this will claim that. In doing so they will undermine the foundation of the ontological arguments for the existence of God. It is a catch 22. If they except the parameters of the argument then God fails ontologically. If they deny the parameters of the argument then the ontology in favor of God fails. In either case they are right back to God not existing. I think with this line of reasoning I could possibly make the non existence of God axiomatic. Of course that could just be my egomania talking:)

Funny you should mention Epicurus, I have recently been arguing the problem of evil. I was simply boggled by the capacity of the human mind to rationalize their fantasies. I shouldn't be I have some experience with the capacity of the mind to create its own reality.(egomania, among other things). However Christians truly astound me.

I have heard at least four sincere justifications for why it was moral for God to command the Israelites to invade a city, kill the defenders, round up the survivors and murder all of the men, women and male children and infants. Leaving alive only the girl children, who they would rape. I don't think even Stalin could have rationalized that level of atrocity, but Christians just call it Gods will. It is no wonder some of them are completely cavalier about letting their children die rather than get proper medical treatment. After all if polio kills a bunch of kids, who weren't vaccinated, it is just Gods will.

Kerri Love said...

That is a very interesting theory, but I don't like you anymore for making me think about mathematics, that is just not very nice Ryk. The Great Bunny says no chocolate for you my friend.

Ryk said...

My Mom agrees with you. She hates it when I make her think math. Now I get no chocolate or cookies. Yes my mom reads my blog. She seems to enjoy it.

Kerri Love said...

haha, serves you right (Hi Mom!)

here's that link you asked for, it's long but very intriguing

Bible History