Friday, May 15, 2009

You have got to appreciate moral clarity.

I just love it when things like this and this come together. Someone gets on a moral high horse and then their own dirty laundry comes out. (Yes I know I am mixing metaphors). Didn't the Jesus story say something about taking the log out of your own eye before trying to pick the speck out of your brothers?



Images courtesy of Atheist Cartoons and TMZ


PersonalFailure said...

oddly, my first response was "i've got better titties, i've got better titties!"

atheism does pay!

Ryk said...

RAmen sister atheist girls 4EVAH

Kerri Love said...

Don't have em, don't want em ;)

Jennifer said...

Oh come on now, the wind blew her top open! That could happen to anyone! Why you got to hate on the christian titties? They're just the innocent victims here.

Ryk said...

I know, I know, wardrobe malfunction. I wonder when the fundies are going to apologize to Janet Jackson.