Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Night at the Symphony

Last night was a very special performance. My ten year old daughter had her first concert with the youth symphony. My wife is a viola player and my daughter has been playing as well for about a year. It was her idea to play. My hopelessly sleepyheaded little girl asked to wake up an hour early three days a week to go take strings class before school in the mornings. My notoriously lazy little angel has devoted countless hours to practicing a difficult instrument. I am very proud.

The performance was very good. Nothing overly complicated, the key piece was a selection of variations on twinkle twinkle little star. However the kids performed it very well and some of the variations were somewhat intricate.

I am always pleased when my children acomplish something but even moreso when they surprise me. I know my girl is smart and talented but I am not joking when I say she is a bit lazy and I would have sworn she was at her limit with the activities she was already committed to. She exceded my expectations. She decided she wanted this, applied herself, made sacrifices and succeded. Now if she will do the same with her math homework I will be really impressed.