Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I think I've spotted the misunderstanding now.


PersonalFailure said...

I know it's retarded.My irony meter just exploded.

Ryk said...

From the U-tube comments the fundy is real. The animations were made to mock him but he was being serious. Unintentional Irony is so much funnier than a poe. That is why I love Rays blog so much. It makes me laugh.

wobegon said...


Sorry for the OT post here - I just wanted to write and express my appreciation for your deft handling of the idiot presupper scmike over at Comfort's site. I have been following your discussion since the beginning, and stand in awe of your skill and patience. I have been dragged into a discussion with this guy before (as well as the notorious sye tenb) and frankly devolved into obscene name calling out of sheer frustration, followed by a self inmposed ban on visiting the site for a while. You clearly have him backed into a corner, although he still seems to be able to find some kind of satisfaction in asking his one question over and over followed by his smug, condescending cracks ("Thanks for that!")

I think what amazes me the most is that scmike, for all of his bloviating about reason and logic, has really no idea what they really ARE, and cleary no ability to actually employ them in his arguments. They're just words in his script - he could as easily be arguing for rocks. It would be interesting to get him to actually define the terms reason and logic according to his "worldview".

Anyway, thanks again for your fine work, and thanks for your efforts on your other posts as well - I always find your comments interesting and well thought out. Hopefully, between you,Steven J, Dimensio, and the other regular posters. more lurkers are turned away from the woo than towards it.


Ryk said...

Thanks. I am glad you are watching that. It is wasted on scmike. I am not sure he even reads it before posting back. It is good I am not wasting electrons:).

I also hope that there are lurkers being impacted by what I am saying. Whenever I get involved in discussion with scmike or Jeff or another of the more ridiculous ones I write with the Idea that someone is reading it. If I were just for them I probably wouldn't bother.

Again thanks.