Saturday, April 18, 2009

This one almost made me crap my pants.


ImtheRabbit said...

Now that is funny, if that's a real Christian, he has one hell of a sense of humor!

I do think he has the praying thing right. People who pray that God will give them what they want, are not praying right, you have to give in to God’s will, right? You can only pray to God to say, “It’s all you big guy, you do what you think is best”. Asking God to save you or give you something is arrogance and I’m pretty sure the bible frowns upon that. I guess if your plane is going down, you can tell him you don’t want to die, but you can’t ask him to save you. That would be against the rules. You see, I kinda agree with the Christians that argue that some are not Christians. I think if you’re going to believe, then you should believe by the rules, otherwise you’re inventing your own religion and you should give it a different name :P

The Great Bunny has told me I am very wise and he agrees with me

Ryk said...

Edward Current is a poe he has a whole hilarious series on you tube where he is essentially a Ray parody. His checkmate atheists, and atheist delusion videos are just great.