Friday, April 10, 2009

How dare they mess with Stewie.

This Article is about a Bunch of FundyTards lobbying advertisers to pull out from Family Guy, because basically it is Dirty and Atheistic. As a dirty atheist I object and encourage everyone else to object also.

The bitching christofascists in question provide This form to send E-mail to the CEOs and VPs of Sprint-Nextel (Boost Mobile), Unilever (Axe), Brinker International (Chilis Grill), KIA (Spectra), Yum Brands (Taco Bell), Volkswagen, Southern Ford Dealers, Amscot and Pepsi (Mountain Dew) but it may be that they delete any that don't support them.

I am also going to send my own E-mails to the advertisers.


DBW said...

I was under the impression that Family Guy was a cartoon for adults who have the freedom to choose whatever they want to watch.

Ryk said...

You would think so. Unfortunately religious fundamentalists see freedom of speech as our freedom to hear them preach and nothing else.

ImtheRabbit said...

Really :(

The Great Bunny loves Family Guy, you should see his nose twitch when he watches it. He really liked the whole "Church of the Fonz" idea ;P

ImtheRabbit said...

LOL my verification word for that last post was "cutgly" I find that really funny.

Ryk said...

If I had a God it would be Fonzie.

ImtheRabbit said...

The Great Bunny is a great God, he's very mellow about the whole "sin" thing and he gives you your very own universe in the end. You should think about believing in him, he's real cute and fuzzy.