Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nothing yet

I hope to start blogging soon but for now I am just getting started, I am also a bit intoxicated. That is entirely due to the best part of a bottle of good wine that accompanied an amazing dinner. I butchered up a beef tenderloin and grilled it over charcoal with salt pepper and smoked paprika. I also had some skewers of shrimp, and some skewers of vegetables tomatoes, mushrooms, and pearl onions. I am sure I am the only one who cares about my dinner but as I said I am a bit drunk.

Anyway once I am in full possession of my faculties I will have something to put up on my blog.


Alphgeek said...

It's amazing how there's a strong correlation between consuming wine and commencing blogging! Same thing happened to me. Sounds like a nice dinner, I'd much rather hear the full description than the Twitter version.

Ryk said...

I haven't tried twitter, I think it would drive me insane. I am a long winded, verbose bastard. I need more words than twitter allows just to say good morning, much less describe what I'm doing.

Anyway tonight it is Gyros. I make a wicked Tziki sauce and I am going to grill beef and lamb on the BBQ instead of using a rotisserie.

I wonder if I can find a bottle of retsina around my neighborhood.

ImtheRabbit said...

You and my lifemate should get together, he's a chef and he's making me FAT. Good thing the Great Bunny doesn't mind gluttony. Last night we had leg of lamb with a great demi glaze and garlic mashed potatoes that he put a little Dijon mustard into…. Oh it was TOO good!

Ryk said...

My wife says the same. My cooking is not diet friendly. It gets better in summer meat + veggies - carbs is not a bad way to diet.

In the winter though it's all about starch and butter.