Friday, April 24, 2009

I have been thinking physics again. Ok philosophy dressed up as physics but still.

This was the result of a conversation with Rebbecca from TX on Comforts Blog.

Rebbecca said:
"You can believe whatever you want, rational or irrational. You can say I believe that a little green man is responsible for the universe so I just demonstrated that it does not have to be God, but that does not make your option reasonable, probable, or possible."

My response:
You do realize that saying that a little green man is responsible for the universe is exactly the same as saying God is. Just sayin'.

As to infinite regression I have it, it was an epiphany but I have how space can be eternal without infinite regression. It does force me to rethink my cyclic universe theory but I can live with that.

Causation requires that identities exist. Without identities there can be no causation. Events are function of causation without causation there are no events. In the absence of identities there can be no causation therefore no events. Space/Time is existent as a non material identity. However it is a singular identity, causation requires that multiple entities exist. A single identity can not result in causation therefore no events. The law of non contradiction states that "no events" can not be "an infinite number of events", demonstrating that an infinite number of events did not happen prior to the beginning of the universe even though space time was existent.

Quantum vacuum friction which can produce particles in the absence of a cause, results in a particle being formed from space. Non material space produces a material sub atomic particle. Now there are multiple entities space/time and a particle. Causation now begins, events happen, and time becomes relevant.

Now that events have begun the interaction of space/time and the particle produce more quantum events, which produce more, in an exponential cascade, culminating in the entirety of the universe. This would be the initial singularity. That one first particle.

Therefore space/time is fully capable of being eternal because in the absence of causation, infinite regression does not apply. As I stated earlier space/time is a something, it is non material but not nothing, it can exist eternally and has the potential to create material entities from the non material.

Cool! Infinite regression handled. The question of what came before, handled. The problem of the first cause reasonably speculated. Laws of physics, not violated. Laws of logic looking pretty. That is a darn good five minutes of thinkin'.

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