Saturday, April 25, 2009

I loves me some good conspiracy theories.

Nothing is more cathartic than a good Conspiracy Theory. Outrage at the government, fear over the economy, unhappiness with the way the country is being run, can all be eased with a great big tinfoil hat wearing, humdinger.

I'm not saying there is no truth behind this or other conspiracies. In fact this sort of thing often does have many kernels of fact behind it. The ridiculous part is the way it is built up in to a giant Illuminati driven drama. Saying our government is corrupt and politicians do a lot of self serving, dirty things that are bad for us, is completely true. Saying an ancient cabal of Freemasons and Templars are controlling our destiny is less convincing.

I don't believe in these grand conspiracies but I do respect the creators of them in one respect. They are diligent and dedicated. If there were reporters with half the dedication trying to uncover real corruption, this country would be in a lot better shape.


PersonalFailure said...

i'm sorry, doesn't "report" mean "repeat political talking points ad nauseum until nobody cares anymore"?

Ryk said...

@Personal Failure
Sadly in the modern world that is exactly what it means. I would pay good money to see real hard hitting investigative reporters. I think they are all dead though.

Leigh said...

I love a good conspiracy. They are so meticulous and their creator has thought out just about every angle. They are the wonderful creations of some very obsessed minds.

Ryk said...

I can't help myself but hope that some of them will be true. I would love to see a headline "Documents Prove Moon Landing A Hoax!" or "9/11 Attacks Confirmed As work of Bush Administration."

I don't expect it but it would make me very happy in a weird sort of way.