Friday, June 19, 2009

Atheists are everywhere!

I really like my new job. It was not my preference, I am currently laid off from my normal work as a technician for an air conditioning contractor working construction, however it does have its perks. I travel constantly and am only home weekends. This is a mixed blessing. On the upside I get to stay in nice hotels and live on a per deim, I also get three weeks of bussmans holiday in Hawaii later this summer. Of course the downside is I miss my family intensely when I am gone.

However what I really like is the abundance of atheists. On my first trip, I got to know twelve people I was traveling with. Of them seven were atheists, three were agnostic, one was Buddhist and only one was Christian. This is a very comfortable ratio. On my most recent trip I was traveling with only two others and we were chatting away. The topic turned to religion. This is a little tense because I will never deny my atheism, but I am new to the company, and these were both management types. My fears were set at ease when one of the gentlemen said something to the effect of "well that about covers the whole range of religious possibilities." the other responded, "at least as far as Christian mythology goes anyway." Greatly relieved, I responded that "I know I am in good company when I hear the words Christian mythology" the rest of the trip was a pleasure with talk turning to all sorts of subjects. I found my coworkers fun and knowledgeable in many areas.

Since then I have only encountered three more Christians, only one of whom is evangelical. I have to say this is a nice change from my last job where nearly everyone followed some brand of cross kissing. I still have to say I prefer work boots and tools over slacks and tie, eventually I will get back to construction, however for now it is great fun traveling and socializing with a group of primarily non theists and heavily non Christians.

I have no idea why this particular job attracts non Christians so much. It is a bit quirky, a lot of travel, high pressure, odd schedules, a certain individuality and self motivation are necessary to do well. Perhaps these qualities in a job appeal more to rationalists. It could also be that it is a young crew. The vast majority are in their early twenties. Most of those who are older are forty or older. I have seen the statistics that sho young people being less religious than their elders. One study by a Christian survey company showed that less than one half of one percent of eighteen to twenty three year olds have what they call a biblical worldview. If this is the case I have high hopes for the future


Ginx said...

I have noticed the same thing. I think it's age, because people under 30 experienced the "religious right" in full force during our rebellious years.

I just think religion, Christianity especially, has nothing to offer the modern person. Even the word "faith" will probably disappear in favor of "philosophy."

However, do you really need the gods to believe stupid stuff? From what I gather, I'm sure you have few goods things to say about Marx, who I see as a quintessential atheist.

There's still plenty of things people will disagree about once religion is dead and buried in the history books, though I can't say I'll miss it.

Ryk said...

I regard Marx as a brilliant man and I am sure he meant well, but I do think communism is a load of crap :)