Tuesday, February 23, 2010

According to Ray Comfort I am now an adulterer. Fortunately my wife just thinks I am cute.

Last night I was out at a bar in Seattle relaxing with some co-workers. I was introduced to an absolutely beatiful young lady who said she was 23. We struck up a conversation and it shortly became clear that she was attracted to me. I was flattered and continued to chat with her, turning on the charm a little bit. Soon she was sliding closer to me, resting her hand on her face and looking at me adoringly. I was thrilled that at 41 I still have game. I even imagined how nice it would be to take her up on her advances. More out of ego than any actual desire to have sex with her. My co-worker another lovely young woman started trying to intervene, mentioning my wife and family and finally just out and out saying "He's married!" My admirer was not deterred in the slightest. Eventually my friend said she wanted me to walk her back to the hotel, and being a gentelman I agreed. When we left she said to me "What were you doing, she was so ready to sleep with you?" I responded that I knew that but I wouldn't have done anything. She said she didn't know that and had to look out for my wife.

I just told my wife this story and she laughed and told me to thank my friend for her. Now Ray Comfort and other preachers qualify what I did as commiting adultery in my heart. Now as an atheist that means nothing to me. Neither fundementalist preachers nor imaginary gods have opinions that matter to me. The only one who's opinion on the subject matters is my wife and she just finds my flirtatious ways adorable. I think she is as proud that beautiful young women want me as I am. Of course it helps that she knows I would never commit real adultery with anyone.