Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Almost Home from the Islands

It has been a wonderful trip, but I am excited to be home. I miss my keiki, that and I am running out of money. It has been an action packed and fun filled three weeks in Hawaii. I barely noticed that I am here for work. My co-workers and I get our work done quickly and then it is off to the beach or the bars or whatever. It also helps that of the twenty one days we are spending here only nine are scheduled for work. The rest are either travel days or days off.

Our first night was just an overnight in Honolulu after flying over from the mainland. We went to Waikiki beach and revisited some of our old hangouts from last year, I even ran into a few people who remembered me, which was nice. The next day we flew to the island of Kuaii for our first work destination. The company put us up in a lovely resort right on the beach. The day we arrived I spent swimming and snorkeling and drinking Mai Tais by the pool. The next day I went sightseeing and visited Wimea canyon and several waterfalls, followed by a great dinner of fresh mahi.

The next day we flew to our next work destination on the Hilo side of the big island. I can't say to much about Hilo because we were only there for an evening before having to work. One highlight however was a little burger and plate lunch joint called Vernas, if you visit I highly reccomend it, everything looked good and my co-workers were all thrilled with what they ordered. I had a gravy double cheeseburger. I did not know what it was when I ordered it, I just saw the words "gravy double cheeseburger" and had to have it. It is exactly what the name says, two burger patties dipped in brown gravy, put on a bun and smothered in cheese. It is so insanely good I will be making them at home in the future.

After working the next day we drove to the Kona side of the Island for a few days. Kona is so fun. A block from our hotel is what we call the strip. It is a single street full of resteraunts and bars of every description. We traveled from one to the other, having a drink at this place or a snack at the other. Dancing and listening to music, and just generally having a good time. On our last day before flying to Mauii we went driving just for fun and ended up on a gorgeous black sand beach. I did the tourist thing and took all sorts of pictures. Then we went to the airport for our flight to Mauii.

Mauii is my favorite Island to visit, people are very friendly and everything is beautiful. Some friends of mine and I rented a car, rather than rely on one of the company drivers and got ourselves all over the island. We drank in Lahaina and checked out all of the tourist shops. Ate fresh cut pineapples and papaya. Then we went to Mackenna beach which was our favorite from last year. It was later in the year this trip and the waves weren't the huge majestic things they were on our first visit, but still respectable. I used up a genies worth of wishes that day, without knowing I had them. Had I known I probably would have wished better. First, while playing in the water and trying to body surf, I said "I wish we would get some big ones, six footers maybe." Sure enough the waves started getting bigger and shortly we were riding nice waves. Then I said " This sure would be great if we had a boogie board. Shortly after my friend Norma who had gone walking, came back with a boogie board, saying "look what I found." After riding waves all day, and picking up a nasty burn, we headed back and I said, "I'm starving, I wish I had something to eat." Just then we go around the corner into the parking lot and, behold there was a truck selling burgers, tacos and shave ice. So there went my three wishes, they made for a perfect day, but you know if I had known I had wishes coming....

After Mauii it was back to Oahu for the rest of our stay. Honolulu is a non stop party. Beaches all day, then drinking in our favorite Karaoke bar until the wee hours of the morning, then off to the nightclubs to dance until they close at four AM, at which time we go back to the hotel to wake up and do it all over after a couple hours sleep. I have made time to see some sights I visited Hanama bay and hiked Diamond Head, I have been to beaches all over the Island, except North Shore which I am going to today.

Tommorow we have one more job and then we fly home Thursday night. I will miss these islands, they are beautiful and fun, but I will be glad to be home with my family, and my beautiful city. It has been great but it is time to tell Hawaii goodbye, until next year anyway.


Tracy said...
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Ryk said...

I'm well Tracy. It is good to be back home. I do miss the warm Hawaiian weather. It is freezing in Oregon. I am happy though, I missed my kids.

How are you doing?

Tracy said...
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