Friday, April 30, 2010

Visit to the North Pole

Well not the actual north pole but North Pole Alaska. It is just a little town but it is very cook. They have Santas House which is really just a huge gift shop but there are reindeer and a sleigh and all sorts of Christmasy things. I played dorky tourist and took pictures of everything and bought presents for my wife and kids. I also sent post cards from there to my children so they would have the North Pole postmark. Also there is an actual "North Pole" at this park in town. Apparently in the 50's a pole was made to mark the top of the earth. At some point it was lost in route and ended up in a junkyard, to be discovered tears later. Eventually on the bicentenial it was erected in North Pole Alaska. I got this great picture of two of my lady friends pole dancing on it.

Also this week I visited a wildlife conservation park with moose, bears, wolves, buffalo, musk ox, bald eagles and all sorts of other wildlife. I also went for a trip to hike Portage Glacier but it was not accesable due to heavy snow. Stil we took pictures and played in the snow so all in all a good trip.

I can't get over the beauty of this state. I still maintain as I have in earlier posts that my home in Oregon is the prettiest place in the world but still I have fallen in love with Alaska. The mountains are everpresent and gorgeous. The wildlife is abundant, and everything looks and smells wonderful.

Today I am in Fairbanks tommorow I fly back to Anchorage for the weekend then I am off to Kodiak. I will post again soon.


Tracy said...

Hi Ryk! I hope that you post pics it sounds like a truly beautiful place.

I am doing alright, except for this nasty cold I've been fighting. Thanks for asking.

Ken got his position at work back. We are ecstatic about it! Just found out the news yesterday,in fact. I will blog about the details at some point.( I made mention to Ken that you sympathized with him about being laid off. He thought that was nice.)

Thank you for the well wishes for my friend.

Take Care,

Ryk said...

I am glad your husband is back to work. Hope your cold goes away I was battling one myself a frw weeks ago.

I do wish I had me memory card reader I have all of these pictures and no way to upload them.