Saturday, August 22, 2009

City Mouse/Country Mouse

I have always thought of Hawaii as being a single place. Intellectually I knew that it had regions and variations just like everywhere else, but emotionally I thought it was just one homogenous paradise. I have learned otherwise, each island and even diffferent parts of each island has its own character, also it is a personal distinction as well because the things I experienced on those islands has influenced my opinion.

The Big Island is very much a paradise, it is guiet and relaxing especially the Hilo side. Even the tourist areas on the Kona side seemed laid back and mellow. It is the kind of place where you want to sip Mai Tais and listen to Reggae. Mauii is also pastoral but higher energy. It is such a beautiful place, the prettiest island I have seen so far and it seems to call out to me to surf and hike and swim and experience. Now I am in Oahu and it is very urban. City with the capital C. Here in Honolulu it is a tourist city like Vegas and it is full of energy, bars, shops, dance clubs,resteraunts, theme parks, museums, malls, strippers, hookers, drug dealers and all of the other trappings of a tourist economy. By day the beaches are crowded but fun, by night it is an open party.

It is also expensive. My first week here I was wondering why people said Hawaii was expensive. I was eating great food and doing as I pleased for next to nothing, easily staying under my per diem. Now I know what they are talking about Waikiki beach is one pricey outing after another. There are good deals if you look and placs where you can haggle, but still not affordable overall, at least if you are looking for adventure.

To show you what I mean about the difference between city and country Hawaii here are two pictures the first is a beach in Mauii the second is Waikiki beach in Honolulu.



These two pictures sum how I feel about the two different experiences. Of course other people may have entirely different observations.


Tracy Wagman said...

Cool pictures! I like the secluded looking picture best.

The sky is awesome. See how the color blue makes the difference for your blog design too. :)


I have had times of speaking the truth in love to Christians (friends) and have been disrespected, slandered and forsaken. They didn't even seek God to see if I'm off my rocker or not. Just cleared the table with me.

You,on the other hand respectfully agree to disagree with me. You have even tried seeking God. You would most likely tell me straight up that you think I'm nuts too. I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate that about you. I'm thankful for the liberty we have to tell each other like it is. And as I have have said before... I consider you my friend.

An atheist is an example to Christians- respectfully disagreeing... go figure.

As always I'm praying for you.


Ryk said...

I am sorry you have been disrespected in the past. I find that petty and tasteless. I will respond rudely to rude people but I see no reason to disrespect someone simply for sharing his or her opinions. Besides I enjoy talking to you. You have been honest but never offensive and I would say I consider you a friend as well.

I also enjoyed the secluded beach the most. Today I found some interesting beaches up the coast a ways. I went out with my boss and a few other older members of the team, leaving the kids behind.

We found some good waves, I was body surfing and almost got ran over by an actual surfer so I pulled in closer to shore. I couldn.t really catch waves there but the swimming was nice. We also explored some caves and ended the day at the swap meet hunting suveniers. It was fun and restful hanging out with people closer to my age.

I usually run with a much younger group and as much fun as it is it can be exhausting. I have run myself a little ragged with the parties and surfing and nightlife. I have spent the last two days doing more restful activities, including reading my blog a bit. I even watched some TV. Tonight I am going to listen to some local raggae at a music festival up the street then relax with friends in the hotel hot tub.

I will probably be checking in from time to time so I will be saying hi again I'm sure.

Tracy Wagman said...

Will you do me a favor???
Can you go to my blog and click on my facebook image and see if it takes you directly to my wall or see if you have to be my friend first to get access?
Others are going directly to my wall, but they are already my friends.
Are you on fb? If so, would you like to be friends?

Ryk said...

Tracy at this time I am not using facebook or myspace. My myspace was deleted for unspecified reasons. I know I did not violate terms of service but they don't negotiate or hear arguments. I have never used facebook but I probably will since many of my friends want me to. So when I have one I will be glad to add you as a friend.

Ryk said...


The link does not take me to your wallit takes me to the facebook sign up page.

Tracy Wagman said...

Ok thanks for checking. Have you gone waterskiing?

Ryk said...

Not waterskiing I haven't actually seen any. I have been surfing which is very fun, although a little painful, I have also done a lot of body surfing which is just nuts. I see a lot of windsurfers and paddle surfers but no waterskiers. I haven't done that in years. I used to have a girlfriend with a ski boat and her and her sister would take me waterskiing all of the time, but that was a long time ago. They were the last people I went snow skiing with as well.

Tracy Wagman said...

Sounds fun!

I have never gone snow skiing. I never used to be afraid of heights, hills or rollercoasters. I don't know what happened to me. Age?

I went to WI Dells which is a waterpark with unbelievably huge waterslides. I thought I'd be cool and bond with my son and go down a slide. We climbed so far up, then whoosh through the slide. I held out my arms on both sides to try and slow myself down until they burned. I had no choice but to let go. Then I think I went about 4,000 miles to get out. I will never do that again.

The ferris wheel was a little tough for me too this year. What in the world?!

Ryk said...

I have always had a little fear of heights. I never let it getin the way, overcoming it was almost like a drug. That moment of terror before jumping off the bridge or climbing the cliff was energizing. Terrible in a way as well, I have never gotten over that sense of doom when I am on the edge of some height. Interestingly it doesn't bother me in airplanes or tall buildings, only when I am exposed to it so to speak.

I have become a little numb to it by now. I can act completely blase and not hesitate, which I couldn't do when I was younger but I still feel this crushing panic as I approach the pecipice. I have never tried skydiving, I tell myself I want to but I don't think I could actually do it, I would get to the edge of the plane and just stand there.

Tracy Wagman said...

My step daughter went skidiving recently. I couldn't believe it. A friend of mine just went last week and invited me to go along. My response,"What are you nuts?!"
I do admit to seriously agreeing to go skydive once when I was drunk, but when I was sober I came to my senses.

I have not been able to fly since 9/11. I know that I can overcome that fear, but I just haven't yet. The thought of dying in a freefall scares the liver out of me.